About Blue Sky

Health, Safety, and Environment

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) best practices are implemented in all aspects of Blue Sky’s operations, and we are proud of our accident and violation-free track record. We strive to ensure that our working environments are characterized by a positive atmosphere and eco-friendly practices. Blue Sky’s employees are comprehensively trained in the observation of HSE regulations.

Crew aboard Blue Sky's FPSO, PTAP ONE

Blue Sky HSE Principles and Objectives


Blue Sky strives to ensure its employees work in environments which support their optimal health.


  • To prevent injuries or health problems from occurring or developing
  • To create a working environment which supports each employee’s health and well-being


Safety is the guiding principle of Blue Sky operations. Although we work to maximize hydrocarbon and monetary returns, these are never sought at the expense of safety standards. We aim to achieve production and commercial successes in safe working environments, and our employees are united in this commitment.


  • To work without significant incident or accident
  • To minimize risk factors in our working environments


Blue Sky is dedicated to working in an eco-friendly manner that increases energy efficiency and protects our natural environment.


  • To reduce emissions and prevent pollution
  • To appropriately handle and dispose of hazardous substances
  • To use energy efficiently