About Blue Sky

Organization Chart

About Blue Sky

Corporate Structure

Blue Sky consists largely of two arms, a private arm and a public arm, each headed by a stand-alone unit:

  • Blue Sky Energy & Power, Inc is the parent company for Blue Sky’s private arm
  • Blue Sky International Holdings, Ltd is the parent company for the public arm

An overview of these units, and the stand-alone corporation Amerindo, is as follows:

Blue Sky Energy & Power, Ltd (BSEP)

BSEP, incorporated in Delaware, focuses on operating onshore and offshore oil and gas projects, with its prime assets currently in the Strait of Malacca, Indonesia, and GOM.

BSEP, through a subsidiary, owns a stake in PTAP ONE, a Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) vessel currently chartered to Langsa TAC. PTAP ONE accommodates 32 persons on board, has a storage capacity of 250,000 bbls, is rated for 15,000 bopd and 15 MMscfd, and is Indonesia flagged. BOS acquired PTAP ONE in January 2011 for $12 million cash and $6.4 million debt from Bank Danamon which has been effectively paid off.

BSEP also owns a 50% working interest in the Brazos 440 Block, located in 100 meters water depth in GOM. Brazos has produced 320 Bcf of natural gas, with the company estimating that 150 Bcf of reserves remain.

In addition to the aforementioned, BSEP has onshore projects in being operated by BSEP or affiliated companies.

Blue Sky International Holdings, Ltd (BSIH)

BSIH, incorporated in Canada, focuses, through its public subsidiaries, on operating onshore and offshore oil and gas projects outside of the United States.

BSIH, through a wholly owned subsidiary, owned a 50% stake in the Langsa Technical Assistance Contract (TAC), which is located in offshore Sumatra, Indonesia, produced approximately 900 bopd, and expired in May 2017.

BSIH owns a majority interest in Bow Energy, Ltd., (Bow), a TSX-listed Canadian public company which owned the remaining stake in the Langsa TAC.

Bow’s asset portfolio includes 948,029 net onshore acres spread across 5 PSCs and 1 Joint Study Agreement in onshore Sumatra, Indonesia, where exploration wells are being imminently drilled.

Amerindo Services, Ltd

Furthermore, Amerindo Services Ltd, another Blue Sky subsidiary which exists independent of the above arms, owns Innovator, a MOPU capable of working in deep waters. The Innovator’s total costs exceeded $250 Million in 2007, when a semi-submersible drilling rig was converted into this deep water production unit. She was deployed in water depth of 900 meters from 2008 to 2012. Innovator accommodates 98 persons on board, is rated for 100 MMscfd and 20,000 bopd, is US flagged, and is currently docked in the Gulf of Mexico.