About Blue Sky


Oil Lifting at Langsa TAC, November 2016

Blue Sky’s strategy is to create value by implementing creative and insightful solutions in formidable environments, thereby increasing profitability by reducing capital and operating costs while retaining the highest standards of safety and corporate citizenship.

We optimize returns by applying our resources to assets which have identifiable upside potential and utilizing industry best practices within our judicious fiscal approach. We have implemented this strategy to transform noncommercial operations in Indonesia and the United States to profitability.

Our expertise is demonstrated by the Langsa Model, wherein we acquired wells in offshore Langsa, Indonesia, which the previous operator had found uneconomical. We thereupon configured production infrastructure by acquiring an FPSO and slashed non-essential costs while adhering to strict safety and environmental codes and working without accident or incident.

The Langsa TAC has since been producing profitably, and recently crossed the 5 MMbbls threshold.

We intend to replicate this strategy in carefully evaluated assets, particularly in offshore fields where oil and gas have been discovered, but in which operators have not attempted production due to engineer forecasts that costs would render the operations uneconomical. Blue Sky will independently review these properties, select which opportunities to turn into commercial successes, and execute its plan subject to funding from our stake holders. This is Blue Sky’s niche.