Sumatra Blocks

Significant Land Position

Via controlling interest in Bow Energy Ltd.,  Blue Sky is a major shareholder in 5 onshore Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs) and 1 oneshore Joint Study Agreement (JSA) in Sumatra, Indonesia, one of the most prolific hydrocarbons basis in Southeast Asia.

The 5 PSCs and 1 JSA equate to significant land position of 948,029 net acres:

  • Bohorok PSC
  • Bohorok Deep JSA
  • Mahato PSC
  • MNK Palmerah PSC
  • Palmerah Baru PSC
  • South Block A PSC
PSC and JSA locations in Sumatra

Sumatra Advantages

Demand & Prices Received

Blue Sky has interests in all three Sumatran Basins

Sumatra has the second highest per capita gross regional income in Indonesia (45.95 million rupiah/person), and the largest gas supply and demand in Indonesia

  • Supply = 172 MMSCFD
  • Demand = 217 MMSCFD

Furthermore, the area boasts high domestic natural gas prices, averaging $8/Mcf, as opposed to $3/Mcf in USA.

Demand for natural gas is projected to increase significantly over the next 20 years, with the electricity sector the largest consumer

  • 2016: electricity sector – 137 MMSCFD
  • 2025 – 20135: electricity sector – 248 MMSCFD